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B2B barter network of businesses trading products and services. Increase sales and reduce cash expenditures by bartering. Offices: Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse NY; Toronto, Canada.
Barter associates is an independent licensee of ITEX corporation, the only publicly traded trade exchange in the US, with over 25,000 members.
An international trade organization based in Charleston, SC with offices in Columbia, Greenville/Spartanburg and Jacksonville, FL. Trade your excess inventory for other products, travel, media etc.
Connecticut-based barter exchange clearinghouse provides information on membership, benefits of bartering and news.
Allows members to barter, trade, exchange, and swap products or services.
Trade exchange located in Atlanta, Georgia.
The Barter Depot, New Jersey's largest independent retail barter company exchange.
"These transactions are recorded by Barter International Exchange, who will
An e-marketplace where businesses and entrepreneurs barter skills, products, and services worldwide, using a common e-dollar currency.
Virginia based barter exchange serving the Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC areas. Information about membership, benefits, and items available for trade.
Toronto based barter network. Member of The International Reciprocal Trade Association (IRTA) the organization that governs barter exchanges worldwide.
Members and services provided by the Vermont Barter Group.
Corporate barter for the world wide web.
BarterNews is the portal to the barter world with 1,000 pages of articles and 800 barter companies, worldwide, listed.
Venue for introducing people and businesses who would like to barter, trade, or swap belongings or services with each other.
"International Barter, Counter-trade and Offset activity accounts
Facilitates transactions electronically via the Internet, selected swipe card facilities and telephone "e-commerce", or by a transaction voucher similar to that used with a credit card.
Bartercard New Zealand: how barter works, contact information, news, and events. Improve cashflow, increase sales and receive interest-free credit.
Bartercard is a global trade exchange that allows business owners to pay for some of their business expenses with their own product and service.
Barter saves cash, increases business, and reduces business overhead.